Fame City

Probably, everyone knows that SEC "Khan Shatyr" has the biggest play station under the name

"Fame City". This play structure involves about 200 play apparatus, Dinosaurs' park, Chamber of Horrors, Children Café and Children Room with dry pool, the Internet Café and a host of other things.

Our main target is to provide our guests with funny and safe rest. Thus, we conduct supervision of the equipment and staff training on regular basis, our watchful security guards diligently preserve comfort of the resting people.

The target task of our Centre is not only to create perfect mood of all family and to provide our visitors with absolute security.

About 200 playing apparatus operate in our Centre, there are 5 separate playing zones as well as Children Café. The pride of "Fame City" is a tower of fall located in the centre of atrium of SEC "Khan Shatyr". The tower's heigh is 38 meters. Probably, the other cities have the higher towers, but, nowadays, it is a sole such amusement ride in the capital.

Each visitor of our Playing Centre "Fame city" for us is a major guest and we are excited to meet our guests. Visit us and you will not regret!


  • The card for games can be bought for 150 tenge.
  • The minimum amount of the first deposit on the magnetic card after its purchase is 1,000 (one thousand) tenge. The next replenishment of the magnetic card is made for an amount not less than 500 (five hundred) tenge.
  • The cards of other Entertainment Centrers are invalid.
  • This renewal card is reusable and can be used only in the RC "Fame City" at SEC "Khan Shatyr".
  • The card is not accepted back and the odd money on the card are not withdrawn.
  • Attention! The amount on the card not used in the course of 12 months from the date of the last transaction is cancelled.
  • Strong request! Recount your money right in front of the cash desk.
  • Make sure to ask for the fiscal cheque and revise data.
  • Pay attention for the restrictions as to the height and age.
  • Before using the amusement ride, familiarize yourself with the rules, follow the warnings at the amusement rides.
  • Some amusement rides can be out of operation due to technical reasons, you are kindly requested to seek help of the operator.

Dear friends!  "Fame city" offers: for 5000tg +500tg bonus, for 10 000tg +1 500tg bonus and 15 000tg + 3000tg bonus.


Our address is: Astana Turan Avenue 37, SEC "Khan Shatyr", 5th floor phone: 8(7172) 57- 27- 50
РЦ «FAME CITY» ежедневно ждет своих гостей с 10:45 до 22:45 ч.